September 28, 2018 | Pascal Germain

Origin of Water

Origin of Water...


Our water is put through many processes that treat water in an unnatural way, causing it to lose its vitality and natural structure. The water being pumped through our cities and towns is over processed, full of chemicals and is denatured, de-structured and lacking in vitality. Listed below are some of the problems water faces in our water distribution systems:

  • Pumped through miles of straight & narrow pipelines, with many 90° turns.
  • Frequently exposed to unnatural, high-pressure turbine pumps.
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August 08, 2018 | Pascal Germain

About Nanotech Oil

Nanotechnology overview:
Wear occurs at the microscopic level. Protection occurs at the molecular level.

We at Performance Racing Oils are the North American distributor of Millers Oils, who has introduced nanotechnology to motorsports in F1, IndyCar, WRC, and many other professional and amateur race series with its Nanodrive line of engine and gear oils. We have a lot of info on the site, so we'll try to give you a quick overview, and let you dig into more info as you see fit. At the end, we'll supply some links to other resources like engineering publications, product line info, etc.

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