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Collection: 2 Cycles Engines

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CERMAX Advanced 2-Cycle Oil is designed for Multi-Ratio use. No matter the ratio required CERMAX 2-Cycle oil will fit your needs, as well as offer you advanced STM-3 protection. 
•  Multi-Ratio Use
•  Low Smoke
•  STM-3 Metal Protection
•  Longer Engine Life
•  More Usable Power
•  Easy Engine Start
•  No Foul Formula
•  For use in Fuel Pre Mix or Injection Systems

Treatment procedure for 2 Cycle:
Introduce dose into the fuel oil mixture tank running or not then use for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Click on Pre-Mix Ratio Tab for correct ratios, trouble viewing - click here

Cerma STM-3 technology lubricates and cleans while continuing to prevent contaminants from agglomerating and depositing on metal surfaces. The SiC (Run Clean) technology works by attracting the carbon and lacquer into masses that are large enough for the system filtration to catch and filter out of the system.  In other words, STM-3 creates a full self-cleaning lubrication system, combining a superior lubrication with the technology to clean for the life of the oil.

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