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Cleaning Action, Lubrication, Anti-Gelling, Efficiency, Water Control

Cerma STM-3 Fuel Treatment lubricates and protects the upper engine, prevents costly downtime, restores performance, cleans fuel tank, cleans injectors, cleans fuel lines and provides unmatched protection.

Cerma STM-3 Fuel Treatment is a continuous use treatment. Because fuel (gasoline, diesel) encapsulates the lubrication inside the fuel molecules within the hydrocarbon matrix, when the injectors spray the fuel into the system, the lubrication burns off along with the fuel. Cerma STM-3 releases the lubrication trapped inside the fuel, and allows the fuel system to properly lubricate.

In addition, Cerma STM-3 Fuel Treatment adds a “SiC” component to the system which lubricates the upper engine, cleans the fuel system, removes water and moisture, conditions the fuel pump, cleans the fuel injectors and fuel tank, and acts as an octane booster.

For maximum fuel savings and protection, use with Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment. A/C, Transmission, and  Differential Treatments with Cerma (15,000 miles/30 000km) or CermaX (30,000 miles/50 000km) oils.

Simple application, just add to the fuel tank.

Ratio:  1oz for up to first 40 gallons and 1oz for each additional 40 gallons.  

1st Fill Up:  Prior to Fill up on at least HALF EMPTY TANK, add treatment into the fuel tank at recomended ratio.  Fill tank with fuel.

2nd Fill Up:  Repeat

Follow Up Fill Ups:  Monthly

Available Sizes:  

2oz Intro Dose:  1oz Each for next 2 fill ups

16 oz "Measure/Pour" Bottle:  Over 1 Year Supply for Auto or Small Diesel

1 Quart Bottle:  32 ounces for bulk savings

1 Gallon Jug:  4 Quarts (128 ounces) for Large Diesel, Over 1 Year Supply

5 Gallon Pail:  5 Gallons (20 Quarts) for Large Diesel or Fleet Applications

Order the size you need.

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