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Collection: Self-Cleaning Motor Oils

The Worlds Only Self-Cleaning Motor Oils


Cerma offers a complete line of oils and fluids for engines, transmissions, power steering, rear axles, and hydraulics.

Cerma Motor Oils are the next generation of professional engine oils, using SiC (Run Clean)  technology to directly address carbon (dirt) formation, oxidation and contamination that regularly occur within standard and synthetic engine oils.  Cerma Motor Oils will save you money and are offered in both a 15,000 blend and a 30,000 blend (CERMAX). 

No need for any fancy filters or disclaimers -- our oils are SiC!  Cerma Motor Oils are the future of lubrication for years to come.  Beyond synthetic protection at affordable prices.  

How does the world's only self-cleaning motor oil work?  Cerma's proprietary RUN CLEAN technology forces the carbon to attract to itself and into the oil flow.  Once large enough, these deposits are filtered out through the engines normal filter system -- and the "cleaning" will continue for the life of the oil!

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